Ever wipe off your soda can top? With over 250 billion cans per year, everyone has!

The multibillion-dollar COLA WAR could be WON with Advercan. Middle School students choose whichever brand has a Clean-Cap Coupon attached to the can.

During lectures and market tests in Texas middle schools, Team Advercan has proven the ultimate weapon to win the global Cola War. The weapon? A simple, biodegradable, no-cost sanitary can top cover  that protects consumers from germs (bacteria, pathogens, fomites, viruses, etc.) and acts as a can-top coupon. Amy Cannon, Advercan’s in-school assistant, exclaims, “McGruff the Crime Dog picked Pepsi when given a choice, but as soon as we put Advercan’s Clean Cap on the Coke can, he wagged his tail and pawed for Coke!” Emily A., a 7th grader, says, “I’m glad someone cares enough about others’ health to make this happen. I would definitely drink whatever soda had a sanitatary seal.”  Carissa S. submits, “I would switch from Pepsi to Coke if there was a chance to win Justin Bieber tickets on the top.” J. Johnson says, “Advercan is a great idea, and I would switch to the other soda if it had something special on it!” Aubrey B. offers, “I would totally switch over to the drink with the sanitation seal and the chance to win somethin!”

      “Our student polls show 99% brand switching! There is almost no brand loyalty when we put a sanitary seal with a coupon on top,” claims Advercan’s founder, Kenny Mac McClintock. “We polled a few middle-school classes, a city jazz fest, a film festival, and health/wellness fair attendees for brand loyalty. Only three Pepsi fans, ages 14, 16, and 63, said they would NOT switch brands for a clean-couponed Coke can. Thus, only three people were brand loyal out of hundreds polled!” At the Denton Arts/Jazz fest, a post-baby-boomer was so brand loyal to Pepsi that we could not sway her with any kind of marketing influence. But that is still 99% with no brand loyalty. The Dallas Film Festival patrons were 100% non loyal when presented with a sanitary can cover and movie coupon offer. With over 250 billion cans consumed per year, not only Coke and Pepsi are at war, but there also are dozens of soda battles taking place worldwide, and all of these skirmishes could be won at no cost to the BevCos via CanAd revenues. One kiddo didn’t like Coke or Pepsi, but said she’d switch from Sprite to 7UP if it had an Advercan cover on top of it.

       Billions are spent on soda brand switcher campaigns…all wasted. Not only is Advercan’s Clean Cap paid for by second-party advertisers and assures can-top hygiene, but it also assures brand dominance in any C-store or vending machine. Advercan is a consumer-demanded hygienic media plan winner worth $billions of dollars. $35B is being spent on unwanted Direct Mail, so why not net-net a few billion of this spending by selling can-top coupon space globally? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Peel-to-Reveal-the-Worlds-iw-3060085953.html?x=0  (“Peel to Reveal” Ko/Pep’s easy net-net revenue stream) World-wide :!    ziehen Sie ab, um meinen Kokspreis aufzudecken!!    我的可口可乐奖付清与果皮рады видеть Pepsi заботится о микробах и doesn't Coca Cola  Le Coca-Cola protège mon bidon et mes récompenses de coke payés outre du de premier rang ! J'AIME MON !    ¡Las latas de Pepsi son sucias, pero mi coque es lleno de concesiones limpias!  pepsi quan tâm đến vi trùng về đóng hộp và coca cola  あなたはコカコーラさんのラベルを先頭することができます参照してください?私は勝った

    On the emotional and physical notes of can top hygiene, Team Advercan has been called “Philanthropists” by LabCorp and Dallas County Hospital health technicians. SMU College’s microbiology lab and Baylor Hospital have just positively tested cans for transfer of pathogens such as staphylococcus infection. Lara E., a microbiology major from UTA, says, “Any college laboratory can test can tops for harmful bacteria.” It’s simple: If a store clerk handles infected money all day while he handles your cans, it’s like putting loose change directly into your mouth.

      Nurse Jane D.G., responsible for 293 childhood immunizations administered at an Lewiseville Independent School District middle school last month, affirms, “The AmeriCANtop is a great product! This is an easy way to ensure you and your children drink from a clean container. Less flu, colds, and infections!” Frankie D., the attendance clerk, blurbs, “Finally something new to help curtail absenteeism during flu season.” Additionally, every mom we talked to wanted the cover on their kid’s cans…every single one. The first “Lab Testers” in Dallas – Lisa Cawthorn and Cynthia Tricket, two concerned nurse philanthropists at Baylor Medical Center – hold a lab test swab, saying, “Eww, not on my can!” (Pictured). Deborah C. of eHow explains that salmonella, hepatitis A, giardiasis, amebiasis, enterovirus, and shigellosis can be easily spread to beverages or directly to your mouth when even minute particles of fecal matter remain on your fingertips. Bevblog’s “Activgurl” shouts: “Always clean a can/bottle before you open it! If you can imagine the conditions of a filthy warehouse, dirty delivery trucks, cruddy back rooms of stores, and public exposure in the aisles, then you have an idea of what might be on your can. Never mind the occasional pesticide application from folks spraying these storage areas.” A California State Science fair entry concludes, “Tops of un-cleaned cans grew the most bacteria colonies. All types of cleaning a student can do at school were successful in reducing bacteria growth. Soda cans should be at least wiped off before you drink out of them…” A Dallas insurance agent, Marsha H., claims Advercan is a humanitarian effort involving huge cost reductions in health care insurance. Infectious fingerprints on beverage cans surely contribute to flu season’s chaos.”  Rocky B. avows, “I have many concerns about the transfer of harmful bacteria and microbial germs from humans and other contaminated sources to the tops of cans that my family and I consume. I find it ironic that the beverage industry makes a huge amount of money each year off of the sales of beverage products, but they won’t spend pennies to protect the very people that buy their products. This is a win-win for everyone. Why don’t they see it that way?” FDA’s concern: Transmission of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites from raw food or from ill workers to food by way of improperly washed hands continues to be one of several major factors in the spread of foodborne illnesses. Kyerra P. at FedEx proclaims, “I’m just plain mad that they just don’t care.” Dr. Steckelberg from the Mayo Clinic writes, “Cold and flu germs generally remain active longer on steel, plastic and similar hard surfaces than on fabric and other soft surfaces. On any surface, though, flu viruses seem to live longer than cold viruses do.” A student study has averaged the store clerk’s fingerprints entering your mouth in less than 10 seconds! Again…microscopically,  his hands are in your mouth.

    Devin B. says, “I am a Seabee in the United States Navy. I am on a tour of duty in Rota, Spain. I have been sent to this region to support the 5th Fleet in Bahrain. While on liberty, I have had the opportunity to visit some of the spectacular sights Spain has to offer. The one thing that I have not enjoyed is the sight of the filth and dirt that the store cashiers have under their fingernails. This is obviously a source of germs and disease that get transferred to the top of my soda can at purchase. Then I must drink from that very surface where you know there must be bacteria and who knows what else growing. I am very aware that there is an option for fixing this issue. I’m protecting and serving my country. Why doesn’t Coke protect and serve their consumers?” Tammy C. suggests, “Perhaps Michelle Obama can cut out all the beverage lawyers, and order clean can capping like she just did for Coke-Pepsi calorie labeling.” 

    Many say that Team Advercan is on a philanthropic mission. Advercan indeed leads the effort to help curtail 20 million lost school days per year, so perhaps half a billion dollars from the $130B promised by philanthropists last year could install machinery and cap all the cans in the world with their advertising on each CanAd! We’ve pitched the idea to the Gates Foundation/UM. Now Microsoft and Starcom could place Bing, Windows Mobile, and Xbox logos on the CanAd covers of over 200 billion cans annually, and the world would embrace the fact that MSFT was the first company to care about the transfer of can-top fomites. As little as $2M would allow AmeriCANtop a single-serve “cashier handled” energy drink pilot line to prove the model. The Gates Foundation is the world’s leader in flu vaccination development…so how about curtailing the spread of the virus by all means possible? Mr. Raikes recently exclaimed, “The Foundation identifies where its investments can create an innovation, a new intervention that can really raise the quality of lives for people.” The McKnight Foundation could also benefit by placing billions of 3M logos on cans annually, all while selling billions of CanAds.

    The BevCos would agree because of market share increase, branding space, scan bars, CRQ codes, sponsorships, Lotto CanAd money, fast food couponing/pouring rights, theme park ads, C-store/fuel ads, RFID for Wally, prizing features, auto ads, scent, taste…anything to increase the profitability and allure of the soda/beer package. Oh, and of course massive new advertising revenue streams from can-top coupons and PPC! Jerry Clapp of Cott Bottling said it best: “It’s all about the Do Re Mi!” Jerame G. of Trendhunter Magazine adds, “Advercan, the driving force behind canvertising, has now introduced a biodegradable label. Will this be the push that gets canvertising to take off?”

     To chime in on a Global Green initiative, team Advercan was the first to test can labels with PLA (corn-based polylactic acid polymers), Innovia’s and 3M tree pulp packaging film, bio-PET, Surlyn, and EVA mixed with rice powder so it will break down. Is there a better use for recycled PET bottle polymers mixed with organics for can-top labeling film? Another potential lies in the research in edible apple-based antibacterial films for meat packaging, and nanosilver anti-pathogen biodegradable material. These films could be placed atop beverage cans with a cola, lime, or cherry flavoring. Advercan’s R&D strides has also paralleled the AmeriCANtop abilities to a label that will actually grow flowers when buried in soil! Imagine seeds atop cans that actually sprout billions of flowers. Black-eyed Susans and other wildflowers are proven to grow from business cards, so why not from billions of sanitary can top covers? That’s one for EcoFriend, who reported about Advercans bio film labels years ago.” Advercan’s eco-friendly biodegradable sealing material can apply to both aluminum beverage cans and yogurt cups”.


      The leading expert of our decade-long quest, Thomas Bachman of Beverage Industry Magazine, states, “The ADVERCAN system is the right idea at the right time whose time literally has come. With today’s safety concerns about product contamination and the need for unique brand expansion opportunities, the ADVERCAN can top cover looks to be the most consumer-friendly and efficient way to answer these concerns.”  Advercan exec, Grady Embry asserts, “Advercan has proven a multibillion-dollar marketing revenue business plan along with sanitary safety for its consumers. Nobody wants to be virally infected by a can top. So why not make several billion off marketing and prevent the spread of pathogens? After all, the mouth we drink with is the same one we use to kiss our loved ones! The CDC spent 10.1 billion in 2010 to help control diseases. The beverage industry has the opportunity to seek profitable amounts exceeding what the CDC spends while having the health of the consumer come first.  If the beverage industry joins the fight against disease control, hundreds of millions of wasted tax dollars could be saved. At what expense do Americans have to go to in order to ensure our children are safe from the pathogens/viruses spread amongst these cantops? Do you really think that cashier washes his hands every time after using the restroom or handling drug and bacteria infested money?  That’s a risk I’m not willing to take.” Commenting on the Adver-can model, Oliver Maletz, of Horizon Media NYC once said, Advercan offers consumers a 100% hygienic canned beverage experience for the simple cost of being exposed to a relevant ad message. Marketers even get the added benefit of leveraging a similarly targeted brand’s consumers base in a very practical and affordable manner.”



    Team Advercan has the global connections to enact this initiative today. Team Advercan has had three prototype machines custom built, using dozens of types of films. Advercan’s founder visited Krones in Germany, Rexam in Chicago, Ball in Denver, and Oystar in Davenport, and has presented Team Advercan’s ideas to Fords, LabelAir, 3M, CCL, Avery, ITW, WS Packaging, RRD, Alcoa Flex Pack, Dupont and countless other system players. Dave Neimouth of N.A. Krones said, “It will be a domino effect.”  Advercan assumes that it is this domino effect that causes the industry’s hesitation and inaction. Coke/CCE/FEMSA, PEP/PBG, DPSG (others) and their AORs have expressed recent interests, but the entire American Beverage Association membership knows it requires an all-in effort to change normal S.O.P. With the current hygiene concerns, the public demand, the new CanAd revenue stream discovered on the SMU campus, and the in-school brand switcher study, it’s now time for that effect to take place worldwide. Advercan has received creative praise from local Dallas Ad League members, as well as giants like Omnicom, Publisis, and especially the world’s most disruptive-creative group, INTERPUBLIC. Brand Packaging Magazine’s chief writer, Pauline Tingis, insists the labels themselves offer a financial incentive for beverage companies to implement protective seals because they are a potential source of media distribution revenue.

  Team Advercan knows that Krones can build dozens of machines in their massive Neutraubling, Germany, plant for Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Rexam and Fords caps Eastern Europe, Baltics, and Africa, while America’s Ball Container Corporation, Oystar, ITW, LabelAir and Crown Cork will cover continental America’s cans.  It CAN and should be done now, and it CAN and should be called the AmeriCANtop initiative! Just like Post-it notes, Scotch Tape and the light bulb, America will again be globally branded and appreciated. All three types of labeling film that Advercan has developed works well atop soda cans, and 3M labs can extrude any type of bio-packaging film in the world. Barack pleas for more American innovation, and here is a worldwide winner! The AmeriCANtop.


*World’s First CAN-TOP COUPON value study on SMU campus http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/peel-to-reveal-the-worlds-first-can-top-coupon-via-advercan-1360339.htm  


If a store clerk passes coins and bills all day and then handles your can, do you put the can in your mouth? There are "Hand to Mouth" contamination warnings from every Federal and State health department, university, school ISD, all flu prevention efforts, health charities/foundations and especially the WHO & CDC.

This is a global problem that can quickly be managed for $500,000,000 in Philanthropic foundation assistance out of the $130B pledged in 2010 http://www.buzzle.com/articles/over-40-billionaires-sign-the-giving-pledge.html. A Win-Win-Win for the BevCos, the consumers, global work product, and the healthcare industry by curtailing absenteeism in school and the workplace (GDP/GNP lost). Also a winner for media conglomerates (Booking $Billions for BevCos for distributing Canvertising), machine & film companies, kids and even McGruff the Crime Dog.




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DIRTY MONEY http://www.gppro.com/healthsmart/dirtymoney.asp  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/05/01/catching-flu-from-money/ In a study conducted in Switzerland’s Central Laboratory of Virology at the University Hospitals of Geneva, researchers tested to see what would happen when flu virus was placed on Swiss franc notes. Researchers placed flu virus mixed in with nasal secretions from children on banknotes and found some unexpected results. When protected by human mucus, the flu cells were much hardier – in some cases, lasting up to 17 days on the franc notes. The virus that persisted for 17 days was a form of influenza A, called H3N2. Dr. Yves Thomas said, “Samples of influenza A strain called H1N1 also endured for up to 10 days.” Do you place coins and bills in your mouth during fu season? If you drink from a can, you do it microbially.

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Five consumer concerns about food – healthiness, safety, processing, chemicals, and contracting a foodborne illness – were all up in the 2011 survey over the previous year. Concern about contracting a foodborne illness was cited by 23 percent of consumers, up seven points from the previous year.

Pediatrician Dr. Vasavada sent us this recent study which supports historical fears of animal urine and the disease Leptospirosis on Coke cans: http://csrb.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/%E2%80%98leptospirosis-can-spread-through-unwashed-coke-can%E2%80%99/.

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Public distrust growing http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2011/05/deloitte-survey-finds-consumer-distrust-of-food-industry/


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       Kenny Mac truly believes this is a cause worth fighting for. “My mother says this is my life’s work and my Pop passionately hopes he lives to see it happen. Why have the safety regulations in all eating establishments if we cannot safely buy a canned beverage? Very contradictory to Barack’s January 2011 goals of food and sanitation, right? I’ve circumnavigated the world asking peeps if they like Advercan’s models. Even to Kyoto, Japan, where Coke vending employees wanted the Clean Cap. I’ve received Coca-Cola and Pepsi info requests from South America, throughout Europe, Asia, and the biggest market of over 96 billion beverage cans processed annually from 195 bevpack lines…North America (Source: Beverage Industry Magazine). Now middle schools and colleges demand the AmeriCANtop in America! Everywhere I survey on the planet, soda consumers ask me why their cans aren’t Clean Capped. Some have accosted ME about their gnarly can tops, as if I could install capping machines in Coke’s plants tomorrow as we ventured  in 2004 and 2007. To boot, a few media conglomerates ask ME why the major BevCos aren’t making millions on can-top media yet. Now that we’ve proven there is no brand loyalty when attaching the AmeriCANtop to battleing brands, which big-boy soda giant will win the Cola War with Advercan’s plan, and which Foundation will spend a micro-tad of the $130B they’ve pledged for human benefit? With a proven media distribution value of over 100CPM per CanAd (SMU campus study), Advercan’s trials should “TNT Touch and Target” these answers. My team has spent more years, promotional efforts, personal money, machine/label R&D, and innovative creativity on can-top media than any other group on earth. We can begin AmeriCANtop system installations before the next flu season!”  He adds, “Ed N. of Coca-Cola Bottling Texas, plus many other KO parties, and Rose B. of PepsiCo / Nevada endorsed Advercan’s model just recently. Furthermore, KO’s FEMSA just pursued Advercan again! The birthday group at Coca-Cola seems ever closer to profit by protecting their consumers before Pepsi does. Now that military men, mommies and teens want can-top safeguarding, what’s up with the Can Top Cover-Up, and who exactly is behind the hesitation to profitably shield consumers? ‘Peel to Reveal’ that answer!”

“If the beverage companies say that there isn’t a yucky can top problem, let’s have their kids line up to buy cans from an H1N1-positive cashier before Christmas break,” sites Michelle A., Middle School Teacher, TX.


Since these findings affects almost every person on earth, Advercan’s effort is assured global successes in business and Philanthropy. Big bev  thinkers or foundation leaders: Please contact us at team@bevcomedia.com or 800-879-7050, or visit us at www.advercan.com.

Recent Advertisements: NO BRAND LOYALTY IN SCHOOL http://digital.bnpmedia.com/publication/?i=65661   WORLD’s FIRST CAN TOP COUPON = BILLIONS http://digital.bnpmedia.com/publication/?i=60354   and  http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/peel-to-reveal-the-worlds-first-can-top-coupon-via-advercan-1360339.htm         


Viral transmission by soft drink cans. A warning from CDC and N.C.I.R.D. - National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases - Division of Viral Diseases (DVD) http://www.cdc.gov/mumps/about/transmission.html

Mumps (and other like viruses) are spread by droplets of saliva or mucus from the mouth, nose, or throat of an infected person, usually when the person coughs, sneezes or talks. Items used by an infected person, such as cups or soft drink cans, can also be contaminated with the virus, which may spread to others if those items are shared. In addition, the virus may spread when someone with mumps touches items or surfaces without washing their hands and someone else then touches the same surface and rubs their mouth or nose.